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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Wat i do?


Went out with Kak Tifah, Mak, and my crazy nephew and niece last Saturday.. Geylang beb.. Tak Jauh.. Tanjong Katong complex jer.. Tt was after we visit Kak Zah.. Dia dah selamat bawak balik anak dia ke rumah, on Monday.

A post camp bunayya event.. jadi emcee lagi.. well so call.. yg tak bertauliah.. need to brush up...
but i gues.. im more confident when it comes to giving sharings and tazkirah to a mass grp of youths.. we'll see insyaALLAH..

Then when to Kalsum's place! The Kalsum , who sum of us can remember exactly the how Pasir Panjang became Potong Pasir nyer story.. She JUST GOT MARRIED! and we got served by ice-cream! thats the only thing i cant forget.. Ouh plus, i went there with Abg Id, Kak Ina, Mohksin, Mu'adz and Thalha. Met Remy, Acap, Hanan, both Bro Helmi, ALFIAN!!! and also sisters2 i tak yah sebut n 2 mak pengantin (azma n marlina)... ok sum of her photos..

Then me n remy, went to TM... nak tengok Aminah from NYPMS nyer grafiti competition.. by the time kita sampai member dah balik.. some of the werks tt day...

Then after that.. I went to the Istana... (dah penat dah time ni..) mepek aah sikit, kena pakai blazer and all.. but basically it was a priviledge.. Got invited to attend the Presentation Ceremony for the Singapore Youth Award. Yup! at the Istana.. Its inspiring to see other youths who has contributed alot for the development of the community and various scenes in Singapore. Here are some pics.. Erm quick snaps... cause no cameras other than theirs is allowed in the State Room.. (mcm castle.. eh yah eh.. kata Istana..)

Whatever it is, however u may contest.. Nak tanak. Thats their perjuangan da'wah mereka.. Their contribution utk mengislahkan masyarakat... (in their own way... memperbaikkan masyarakat...)

And here we have thousands of our Malay Muslim youth who are not doing enough in our contribution... Where are you people.. Where are you... Can u help ur own Ummah.. Can u do ur part.. As a human, His servant to help Him in His bigger cause.. Where are the Ansarullahs... Where are you who can help your younger brothers and sisters in Islam.. Are you just standing ground by your bed.. Or are you out there in the battlefields, reaching out to the youth and being part of their developmental phase of life..

Sambut lah seruan ku ini...


i have yet to go to any weddings that serve ice creams. hopefully i can find one. hehe. 8)
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